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1 1. Application Information
1. Application Information
2 2. Immigration Status
2. Immigration Status
3 3. Caregiver Details
3. Caregiver Details
4 4. Caregiver 2
4. Caregiver 2
5 5. Emergency Contact
5. Emergency Contact
6 6. Student`s Special Learning Needs
6. Student`s Special Learning Needs
7 7. Student Health Record
7. Student Health Record
8 8. Courses
8. Courses
9 9. BYOD
10 10. Cybersafety
10. Cybersafety
11 11. The Selwyn Way
11. The Selwyn Way
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About Yourself

This is an application for in zone students. If you do not live in our zone  please use the Out of Zone form instead.

In order to complete this form you will need to provide several scanned documents: proof of residence (a photo or scanned copy of a rates bill or rental agreement and a utilities bill) and identification for your student (a scanned copy or photo of their passport, birth certificate or visa). If you cannot complete this form please contact our office for assistance.

Name of the person completing this form *

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Are you in zone for Selwyn? *

Other immediate family members currently or recently enrolled at Selwyn College:

Full name of other family members (e.g. John Bloggs)

House of other family members:
Student Personal Details

Legal surname: *

Preferred Surname: *

First Name:

Middle Name

Name preferred to be known by:


Students Residential Address: Number and Street




Tenancy agreement or rates: *

Utility bill: (Recent Power or Telephone) *

You will also need to download this Statutory Declaration form, complete it and bring it with you to your interview.

Home Phone:

Student Mobile:

Student email:

Date of Birth:

Incoming Year Level:

Intended start date (choose 04/02/2021 for next year): *

Country of Birth:

Country of Citizenship:

Either Birth Certificate Number or Passport Number:

Upload evidence (scan a copy of your NZ passport, NZ birth certificate etc)

You may choose up to three ethnicities.



Iwi affiliations

You can identify up to three affiliations here - if you ned more please let us know during the enrolment process

Iwi affiliation(s):

Iwi affiliation(s):

Iwi affiliation(s):
Student Personal Details

First Language:

Previous School in New Zealand / Overseas:

School report:

National Students Number (NSN):
Immigration Status

What is your citizenship status?:

Date of arrival in New Zealand:

Permit expiry date:
Caregiver Details

Family Name:

First Name(s):


Relationship to Student:

Home Phone:

Mobile Number:

Work Phone:



Name of Employer/Company:

Please tick the items that apply to Caregiver 1:
Caregiver 2

Enter details for a second caregiver, if residential details are the same as for caregiver one please leave these fields blank.

Family Name:

First Names:


Relationship to student:

Do you live with this student?

If not living with student - residential address: Number and Street


Post code:

Home Phone:

Mobile Phone Number:


Work phone:


Name of Employer/Company:

If this caregiver does not live with the student, do you require mail concerning student welfare to be sent to both caregivers?

Please check the items that apply to Caregiver 2:

Do you wish to have fees and charges split between caregivers 1 and 2?
Backup Emergency Contact

Please provide details for someone who does not live with Caregiver 1 or Caregiver 2 who we can contact in the event of an emergency (when we are unable to contact Caregiver 1 or 2). In the event of an emergency at school we will contact the primary caregivers first.

Family Name:

First Name(s):