Out of Zone Enrolment
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1 1. Application Information
1. Application Information
2 2. Immigration Status
2. Immigration Status
3 3. Caregiver Details
3. Caregiver Details
4 4. Caregiver 2
4. Caregiver 2
5 5. Student`s Special Learning Needs
5. Student`s Special Learning Needs
6 6. Student Health Record
6. Student Health Record
7 7. Courses
7. Courses
8 8. BYOD
9 9. Cybersafety
9. Cybersafety
10 10. The Selwyn Way
10. The Selwyn Way
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About Yourself

This is an application for out of zone students. If you live in our zone  please use the In Zone form instead.

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I give permission for senior Selwyn College staff to discuss matters relating to my child's learning with staff at their previous school. *
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Caregiver 2

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Please upload any relevant evidence of caregiver arrangements (e.g. custody documents or court orders).
Student's Special Learning Needs

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Comments / Sensitive Data. Please give any specific information that we should be aware of in relation to caregiver/custody arrangements or any other information that may affect this student's learning.
Student Health Record

This information is required to help us care for the student in times of illness or in emergencies. While this information is strictly confidential, it may be necessary for the safety of the student, or others, to inform relevant staff or medical personnel of medical conditions. Teachers may be informed of conditions affecting the student's education progress.

You will be asked to complete a more detailed medical form once your enrolment has been accepted. For now, please provide us with these initial details.

Medical condition(s):

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